The services for Ethics Minorities (EM) have been developed since 2006,   we aim at  promoting a harmonic environment between Chinese and EM in our community. We employ EM staff in order to provide better services for our service users. 

Service Targets:  

Children, youth, women and family of Ethics Minorities

Services Content

Children services includes supportive groups, interest classes, outdoor activities and programs in order to nurture the holistic development and community integration.

Youth services focus on leadership training, potential development, fostering young people’s cultural senses and strengthening of adaptive skills through the adventure or community leadership training scheme.

Women services concentrate on  different language teaching and interest classes that equip themselves  the skills  to integrate into our community.

Family services include day camps, parents’ workshops and referral system , that equip them the ability to use community resources.

Other Services for EM provided in our Harmony Program: 

i) Islamic culture tour, Hindi and Sikh culture tour

ii) South-Asian and Chinese cooking class

iii)  Urdu class

iv)  Mehndi class

v)   Mandarin class

For any enquiry, please call 2655 7520.